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LED Exit Sign Board

Pixel Pitch P2-P2.5-P3-P3.75-P4.75
Cabinet size 368*368MM-336*336MM
Module size: 288*288MM*256*256MM
Refresh rate: 19200Hz
Power: Max:800W/sqm,Avg:250W/sqm
Waterproof : IP65
Brightness: 600-6000cd
Input Voltage: 110-220V

How to design a top LED Exit Sign Board?

Types and installation locations of guide LED signs in subway stations:

1. The subway guide sign system should set up eye-catching signs at main road intersections within 500 meters of each station entrance  and exit to directe passengers to the subway station entrances;

2. Set up eye-catching subway signs light boxes with a height of more than 3 meters in urban centers or areas with complex surrounding environments;

3. Set up standing or hanging subway LED signs and LED Electronic Road Signs at each entrance and exit;

4. In the station hall, ensure prominent places for installation of signs for ticket sales, inquiries, fares, arrivals, directions of travel, subway line maps, and trains;
5. Install LED screens and plasma video systems on the platform to display the arrival time of trains;
6. Install eye-catching yellow safety warning stickers on the platform ground to remind passengers of their safety. On the train, LED screens at both ends of the compartment will relaease the arrival information together with the vehicle broadcast;

7. The 3-meter-high LED signage on the platform can remind passengers in the compartment of the vehicle arrival information;

8. After passengers get off the trains, prominent exit signs beside each escalator on the platform to guide passengers to the station hall from the nearest escalator;
9. In station hall, there are exit signs and information on roads and landmark buildings around each exit at each stairway.
10. Station street maps and bus transfer information need to be set up at each exit, reminding passengers to notice the guide signboard during the transfer process, helping them completing their journey.

Top Shine Perimeter LED Display Advantage

LED Entrance Sign

The main function of the guide signage system is to guide passengers to complete the entire station journey safely, smoothly and quickly. The guide identification system adopts a simple and clear name and numbering system, uniformly uses the color of the subway line,

The eye-catching green arrow can quickly guide passengers, improve travel time and efficiency, and reduce congestion in the station. Standard imagery, text, and colors for all stations, with uniform graphics and placement for each signage category

LED Exit Sign display

The subway guide sign system can realize the interlocking function with the entrance and exit turnstiles and escalators. The controller can perform individual or group mode control, which is convenient and fast. In an emergency, the emergency signs and related electromechanical equipment can be controlled through a single computer command, which greatly improves the operation efficiency.

Urban rail transit guide LED signs involve a wide range of Traffic LED Signs. At present, there is no clear and unified international standard in the world. Different countries, regions, and cities vary according to their cultural characteristics, living habits, passenger psychology, and traditional taboos. Such as London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and other cities, the design of the identification system of the subway is different. but some
Internationally recognized guidelines are adopted by everyone, such as logo colors, red means prohibition, blue means orders, and green means safety; safety warning logo patterns also adopt internationally common patterns, such as “no smoking” patterns, etc. These are in It is clearly used in the guide signs of the subway.
For the sign text of the main passenger guidance, two languages ​​are used, one vernacular and one English. Send the same message to everyone, including foreign passengers. This is also a concrete manifestation of the degree of civilization, openness, and internationalization of the city.

Entrance and Exit LED Sign

The entrance and exit digital sign LED display is actually an important category in the rail transit LED display. With its unique power consumption, long service life, low cost, and gorgeous display images and other characteristics, it is well received by outdoor media advertising. More than the station, airports, and subway areas, more and more coming to become a beautiful landscape of smart cities.

1. The entrance -exit -oriented LED display is installed in multiple places such as subway channels, workshop tunnel walls, etc. It is used to display the operating range, operating direction of the train, and the current station name. Chinese and English are compatible.

2. Export and entry identification LED display can display other service information according to the need to display other service information. The text display can be optional static, rolling, translation, waterfall, animation and other effects.

Transportation Sign

Arrow LED Display for Entrance and exit Sign

Metro LED -oriented screen, their automatic control systems are: airport, subway, and station LED -oriented identification system design. The role of this system software not only applies to a handloche Connecting, etc., the data information connection function is complete.

The principle of arrow -oriented LED display is: according to the station, the subway, the power switch data signal of the power switch in the airport, or the public transportation equipment tall electro -frequency data signal continuous control, or the BAS system 24V pull -up resistance feedback continuous operation Manipulation, 3 manipulation methods can be selected according to the specific application of natural environment conversion, which is more flexible and convenient to apply.


The orientation LED display of the urban rail transit station is in line with the actual subway station’s low smoke halogen -free flame -free grade during the entire application process.


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