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Flexible LED Mesh Screen

Pixel Pitch P30-P40-P50-P62.5-P80-P100
Unit size 1000*20000mm
LED dot size: 20mm-30mm
Refresh rate: 3840Hz
Power: Max:800W/sqm,Avg:250W/sqm
Waterproof : IP65
Brightness: 8000cd
Input Voltage: 110-220V

How to design a LED Mesh Screen?

  • 1, can be any combination of various shapes, easy installation, does not affect the appearance of the original object structure.
  • 2, to ensure that outdoor reality projection pixels have enough brightness, the front of the module with silicone potting seal is waterproof. Safety engineering may need silicone color and color and color matching, in order to make the color and the structure of the external color perfect coordination
  • The module of the outlet is the high and low-temperature performance of the best silicone thread, have professional waterproof connector, professional design and fully sealed waterproof structure, protection grade IP67, can adapt to all kinds of indoor and outdoor environment temperature.
  • void design, void rate 40% 90% does not affect the ventilation and lighting, and at the back of the screen has a strong ability to resist wind, effectively reduce wind load, further reduce the LED display basic structural strength and weight, also can be installed within Yu Dasha glass curtain wall.
  • Lightweight, the use of hollow-out design.
  • Without the steel structure, the principle of LED display screen using grid module assembly time, don’t need any steel structure building, single-mode group can complete the dismantling of the big screen, custom size according to the customer, to achieve the quickest installation, LED display screen has adopted the most advanced grid u-shaped aluminum installation pieces, maximize the chance that the outdoor wall and LED display.

Top Shine LED Mesh Screen Classification

LED Mesh Screen Outdoor

Features silicone and steel wire construction,Flexible and bendable, it can adapt to almost any surface scene and various creative shapes.The LED Mesh screen has a connection buckle that can be quickly connected and removed.

Simple installation: hanging, hanging, a small amount of steel structure, single light string, single point maintenance, functional auxiliary modules can be directly and quickly replaced, and front and rear maintenance can be performed.

LED Mesh Curtain Screen

The LED light points are connected to form a mesh structure with high permeability and strong flexibility. It is a lighting and video display level product that can not only meet the needs of lighting decoration, but also can be used for text, images, and videos Play.

LED Mesh Screen

It is light in weight and requires no installation structure. It can be used in building facades, glass curtain walls, cultural tourism creativity, stage choreography, parks and plazas, etc.It Can make very large LED mesh screens,without affecting the appearance of the building.

LED Mesh Display

It can be maintained both front and rear, welding-free design, and easy to operate. Ultra-long distance loading, a single light string can carry up to 384 pixels in height. It has a breakpoint resume function. When a certain lamp bead is not on, it will not affect the work of other lamp beads, ensuring the operation of the screen.

LED Mesh Curtain Screen

It has protection levels such as waterproof, dustproof, and lightning protection to cope with severe weather. The mesh screen also has the characteristics of light transmittance, heat insulation, impact resistance, aging resistance, and flame retardancy.

Mesh LED Screen For building

The permeability of the grid screen can reach 78%, the weight is only 3-10 kg/㎡, and it is easy to transport and install. LED mesh screens require almost no steel structure when installed, so they have little impact on the building or glass curtain wall. The LED mesh screen is transparent, thin, and flexible, and can be customized creatively to match different shapes and building surfaces. Therefore, LED mesh screens are widely used. The applications of LED mesh screens can be seen in building facades, glass curtain walls, cultural tourism projects, stage choreography, park plazas, science and technology exhibition halls, etc.

mesh led display

Which place can install an LED Mesh Screen?

★Building exterior walls, transparent glass, shop windows and other places that require a better view

What issues should you pay attention to when installing a LED Mesh Screen?

LED Mesh screens are generally in the shape of a grid or strips, with features such as hollow, light-transmitting, good ventilation, and good lighting. It is mainly used for exterior decoration of building curtain walls, etc. It is suitable for building ultra-large outdoor display screens and is the first choice product for creating landmark dynamic display landscapes. It can be widely used in building curtain walls, building tops, outdoor advertising and other scenes.

But we need to consider some factors when installing LED Mesh screens. The following are some points that need to be paid attention to when installing LED MESH screens:

1. Installation location selection: LED Mesh screens should be installed in areas with a large flow of people and a wide field of vision, such as hotels, commercial districts, transportation hubs, etc. At the same time, safety and stability must be considered and installation should be avoided in places that are easily affected by weather or where there are safety hazards.
2. Screen installation: The installation of the LED Mesh screen needs to follow the installation manual provided by the manufacturer to ensure the correct assembly and stable connection of the LED Mesh screen. Normally, the screen body will be installed on a force-bearing fulcrum and electrical wiring.
3. Electrical safety: When installing LED Mesh screens, you need to pay attention to electrical safety, including power supply stability and grounding measures. It is necessary to ensure that the connection between the power supply device and the screen body is firm and reliable to prevent safety issues such as leakage or short circuit.
4. System debugging: After the installation is completed, system debugging is required. During the debugging process, check the display effect and color uniformity of the screen to ensure that the screen display quality is good.

5. Use and maintenance: LED mesh screens require regular maintenance and upkeep, including cleaning the screen, checking the electrical system, replacing lamp beads, etc. During use, care must be taken to avoid damaging the screen and preventing accidental bumps and water intrusion.

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