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LED Electronic Road Signs

Pixel Pitch P1.8-P2-P2.5-P5-P10-P16
Cabinet size 960*320MM & Custom
Module size: 320*160mm-400*200mm & Custom
Refresh rate:1920 Hz
Power: Max:800W/sqm,Avg:250W/sqm
Waterproof : IP43-65
Brightness: 600-10000cd
Input Voltage: 110-220V

Top Shine LED Electronic Road Signs Advantage

Portable traffic message boards

Portable LED electronic road signs are composed of LED display screens, tractors and power supply generation systems, and are mainly used for temporary construction sites, or temporary traffic command and instructions.

Variable Electronic Road Signs

The content of the variable information electronic street sign can be changed remotely at any time, and any font and color can be changed, which solves the cost and convenience of frequent replacement and update of traditional street signs.

LED Road Sign Board

The road variable information board has high reliability, and the color, mode, and information of the display screen are diversified. Remote control and intelligent detection ensure that the system can display traffic information in a safe, real-time, accurate, and reliable manner.

LED Road Signs

LED variable arrow signs can temporarily and quickly control traffic and close vehicle access. Greatly shorten the efficiency of the traffic police and ensure the safety of personnel and vehicles

LED Road Signage

Road LED Signage is recognized by many national transportation departments due to its advantages of convenient, fast, accurate, and unified cluster management.


Road led display is a media that releases real-time and accurate traffic information to the public. The release of public information has high requirements for security.

1. Dynamic visualization

2. Real-time interaction

3.Remote intelligent management platform

4.Viewing distance is significantly improved, and the safety is more secure

LED Road Signage Aging Test

The induced screen in the traffic management system itself consists of the LED display and the software equipped with phase. Because of the outdoor use and bad natural conditions, its hardware part has special requirements.

● Environmental adaptability

There are many induced screens on the wilderness of the highway, with bad natural environment and high requirements for LED Electronic Road Signs.

Temperature: It can continue for a long time in the environment of -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C for a long time.

Humidity: The humidity is higher than 95%, and the interior is not water, and it is normal.

The protective level of the LED Electronic Road Signs requires more than IP65: The LED display that requires traffic is waterproof, anti -fog, anticorrosive, mold -proof, dustproof, noise prevention interference, preventing resonance, flame retardant and other functions. And the entire LED display requires lightning protection, typhoons, etc.

Current control: The LED Electronic Road Signs electronic component requires short -circuit and overcurrent regulation protection.

The quality requirements of LED luminous diodes are high,also the brightness

The quality requirements and technical requirements of the LED Electronic Road Signs for traffic are higher than the ordinary LED display. There are many technical difficulties that require a long time of project accumulation and strong technical strength to overcome it.

led Road Signage manufacturer

How to choose a supplier of electronic message signs?

TOP Shine has 14 years of Experience With electronic LED signs.

★Long-term stability of LED display sign materials, Like LED Lamp, Power supply, IC…,

★With a high degree of protection, Since the electronic message sign works under outdoor conditions, the environmental conditions are complex, and the requirements for temperature, power supply, rainproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof, and lightning-proof are relatively high.



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